The 2 VISION® partition system – an Omifa trademark – is made of double glass removable modular partitions. The unitary image of the system comes from the total absence of vertical uprights. The high phonetic isolation degree recommends the 2 VISION® system for crowded office spaces. Swing and sliding doors can be mounted on the 2 VISION® system, with a wide range of metallic accessories, from hinges and locking systems to door handles and shock absorbers.

2 VISION® is a partition system with the profiling made of anodized aluminum or painted electrostatically, without going over 35 mm in its visible side. For the noisiest spaces, this profiling is provided with an inner chamber that can lodge eco-friendly high-density polyurethane foam, with a high soundproofing degree. The double glass modules can vary in thickness between 8 and 12 mm, depending on the space’s acoustic needs.

The Deposit Wall storage system comprises a self-sustaining structure, which does not require any kind of mechanical connection to the floor, the ceiling or the lateral walls, at the same time compensating for unleveled floors or ceilings to a maximum of 3 cm. It is made of 2 cm-thick chipboard panels, with an ABS edge of 2 mm, a density of 680 Kg/mc and finished in unicolor melamine, wood impression melamine or veneer. The metallic shelves are painted in Ral 9006 or are made of 3 cm-thick chipboard, finished in unicolor melamine, wood impression melamine or veneer, with an adjustable height of 3 cm. The modules allow for multiple ways to access the storage volume: through full-height chipboard doors with an included locking system, though doors up to a certain height, continuing with shelves and over light glass doors or drawers.

The Deposit Wall storage system is 47 cm-thick and between 250 and 300 cm in height. The back of the cabinet can be plated with chipboard from the same registry as the wall, either horizontally or vertically. The walls can be double (back to back, with doors on both sides and a thickness of 95 cm for the entire system) or can be set up on one row alone – with all the doors on the same side or with alternative opening directions for the doors.

Considered the business card of any company, the furniture for the reception area offers a perfectly optimized working environment, giving out an image of seriousness that impresses any visitor through elegance and originality, at the same time giving out a sense of safety, trust and style to each client.

Practical, but at the same time elegant, the colectivity furniture has multiple purposes, from the comfort it gives to ample, auditorium-like halls, to conference rooms, waiting areas or reading and relaxation rooms.

Our complete shading techniques for office spaces system offers solutions to practically any customer requirement. Whether we refer to vertical, horizontal or roller blinds, all components of the range can be used in different configurations. Moreover, the compatibility of the components in the range allows for various combinations, modifications and upgrades, as well as easy, minimum-effort assembly.

Designed to separate office space through clearness and solidity solutions, the Diamond Wall planning philosophy allows the highest integration between architectural elements and practical and ergonomic requirements.

Real beauty impact of a glass reflection enhances the whole environment, thus creating perfect harmony between space, furniture and natural light. The strong presence of glass heightens natural light in open spaces, spreading it even throughout inner workstations.

Diamond Wall partitions can be complemented by panels of different finishes and are in addition equipped to facilitate shelves and hanging cabinets

The stability of all partitions is ensured by the upper frame. This can be integrated within the cavity above the ceiling or connected to the ceiling.

Diamond Wall doors have been designed in full-height to ensure continuity with the glass panels, thus guaranteeing the consistency of the entire office environment. The access can be sliding, or through one or two hinged doors, manually or electronically controlled. All these different opening systems have been designed solely for the Diamond Wall program.

The soundproofing power of each element gives every occupant the requested privacy. Polarized glass is technically innovatory and is able to allow both an opaque or transparent effect, which enhances the different ways light is reflected by glass.

Installation is practical and quick and is made possible through an innovative system of levels and adjustment techniques.

The modern space planning technologies use innovative materials, whose technical and aesthetic features 
can be adapted both to modern and classical furniture.

The Diamond Wall system and all its complements are tested in compliance with safety
 measures of international laws.

The fire resistant (FR) doors, which come with a metallic doorframe painted in Ral 9006 (standard) or, on request, in any color from the Ral palette, come with hidden comb-like hinges, and can be opened to 180 degrees. The door pane made of 4 cm-thick chipboard comes with a finish in unicolor melamine, wood impression melamine or veneer. These doors allow for an access control panel and a closing damper to be installed.

The handle is made of polished stainless steel and comes with a locking mechanism included. On request, we can manufacture a master key for all doors on the floor or for the entire project. The width of a door is of 1 m, whereas a double door is 2 m in width. The doors can be pivoting or sliding.

The furniture achieves a balance in the meeting areas, expressing what it is needed when holding a team meeting or simply when meeting new clients. It varies from imposing conference tables made of solid wood to the round, crystal countertop table that represents the elegance of an executive office.

The operative office has to give the user ergonomics, simplicity and maximum utility. The countertop which comes in simple lines, the robust metallic structure and the possibility to mask the annoying cables of the desk equipment all help nicely blend the design with the practical side of this operational furniture. As space is an essential component in putting together an efficient workstation, the optimum solution is represented by the workstations made of two, three or several positions, separated by panels.

The complementary furniture completes the perfect setting of a room though accessories meant to mask, order and complete the space.

The self-sustaining system of Tecton partitions and storage wall is the result of a magnificent design effort by Omifa to create a pleasant, comfortable and secure working environment.

Among its most important characteristics there are: the capacity to use glass with a strong aesthetic impact, therefore creating elegant results, and the ability of each component to adjust in position, according to the different requirements of space and ergonomics.

The Tecton partition is composed of solid and glazed modular elements – both of horizontal or vertical sorts – complemented by storage wall using sliding or hinged doors.

Avant guarde technical solutions, which are used solely within the office furniture area, allow the achievement of requested dimensions both in height and length, thus ensuring short installation times. Moreover, thanks to the strong sound proofing power of panels and doors, every workstation has its own highly secure privacy standard.

The hooking system of panels to the controlled clamping structure gives the whole partition a monolithic strength.

An exclusive and important feature of Tecton system is the innovative hooking system. This fastens panels from floor to ceiling, operating only on a single screw placed on the upright. The partition allows modifications of panels, windows or doors arrangement without the manufacturer’s intervention.

Every modular element is composed of: the structure, peripheral profiles, solid or glazed panels. Panels can be manufactured in melamine, wood or metal finish, upholstered by fabric or any other requested material.

Clarity and opaqueness could be alternated in order to achieve aesthetic, acoustic and functional stated requirements. Windows get natural light from outside, which covers all environments, thus offering natural light and harmony to the whole workplace.

Modularity and rational use of space is the secret of this innovative program.

Imposing and energetic, the office of a manager must be the continuation of your personality, this is why we offer a diverse range of executive furniture, able to meet any expectation – from the classic sophistication to the latest trends.

Static or mobile storage lockers, storage cabinets, modular partition walls, which also have a storage role, metallic or made of veneered chipboard, the storage bodies on offer are endowed with varied accessories, which take into account the utility and the perfect optimization of the space.

There is no request we cannot answer. These chairs are created to offer comfort and elegance, are made of genuine or ecological leather and textile materials, come with a metal sleigh and arms made of PP or wood. They come with a pneumatic cylinder for lifting/lowering the seat, a balance mechanism and even a massage function.

These chairs are made to offer an active support, and are able to offer more for the same price. At the same time, through their shape, functionality and ergonomics, they meet the requirements for which they were designed in the first place, which makes it possible for the people using them to work more efficiently, more creatively and in a nicer way.

Floorings and ceilings

These are systems of modular technical floorings, made of ecological stone composite, wood essences, PVC, rubber, glass, all of which are systems patented at a worldwide level which are appreciated by many architects for their design and utility in distributing installations, as well as for their high resistance to fire and weight.

They are widely used in public and commercial buildings, to create an attractive ceiling below the structural floor, providing sound isolations and protection from fires and humidity.

Lighting systems

We provide a wide range of office lamps, depending on the desired utility, by conveying enough light even in the case of large rooms, through a lighting network, either symmetrical or asymmetrical.